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Freddie Freeman dressed up as Willy Wonka for his son's first birthday

Freddie Freeman would do anything for his kid, and that includes dressing up as Willy Wonka. (Instagram/@chelseafreeman5) Baseball players who are parents aren’t any different than parents who aren’t baseball players. Everyone loves their kids more than words and wants to give them the world. Freddie Freeman, first baseman for …

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Anthony Scaramucci Insinuates That Tom Brady Avoided Going To The White House Because He May Have Had A ‘Relationship’ With Ivanka Trump

Getty Image In April, Tom Brady declined to participate in a customary post-Super Bowl White House visit alongside his New England Patriots teammates. Since he’s the team’s most recognizable face (and of course, its starting quarterback), eyebrows raised, but Brady reps quickly explained that his absence was due to “personal …

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